Why Caffeinated Snack Bars?

Happy Employees

According to a Peapod survey, free snacks increase employee satisfaction 10+%. Help your employees feel appreciated and valued.

Productive Employees

Caffeine’s shown to improve mental focus and clarity. Every Eat Your Coffee Bar is infused with Fair Trade coffee (comparable to a cup) so it’s the perfect snack to boost productivity during that 3pm slump.

Eat Your Coffee Caffeinated Snack Bars

Healthy Employees

A filling, nutrient-packed snack made with high fiber dates, gluten free oats and protein-rich nut butter.

Energized Employees

No one wants their office described as a “snooze cruise.” Energize the office, boost morale and get work done with tasty snacks and a kick of caffeine.

Our All-Star Offices Include:

Become an All-Star Office

Successful companies like Wayfair, CBRE, Uber, WeWork, and Amazon, fuel their teams with Eat Your Coffee Bars. Join them and become an all-star office too!

Free Trial

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You’re in Control

No fuss, no fees cancellation policy. You will receive notifications 1 day before we bill and ship to you.

Free Shipping

After the first month, shipping will be included in your order.

Want to Get Started?

Starter program with FREE sample pack.

  • Get your first 45 Eat Your Coffee Bars absolutely free!
  • Just chip in $0.99 for shipping.
  • One box of each of our flavors - Fudgy Mocha Latte, Salted Caramel Macchiato, and Peanut Butter Mocha (15 bars/box).
  • Ongoing subscription after free Sample Pack for $60/month - $1.33/bar (+40% discount to retail price).

What happens after I receive my sample pack?

  • Try the bars! If the bars aren't for your team, cancel your subscription with our no fuss or fees cancellation policy.
  • Want to adjust your subscription after receiving your Sample Pack? No problem.
  • Receive access to our portal which lets you change quantity and mix of flavors.

Not Convinced?

Check out how caffeinated these guys are