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Nice taste and texture

Delicious. I don't know if I would call it an energy bar (I drink a fair amount of coffee and wouldn't notice the difference) but it had a nice taste and texture.

This is pretty good!

I am hoarding it - I am not a huge fan of bars but I really want to like this one. ...wait a second I have it with me hmmmm.....this is pretty good!

Need a double strength version!!

Liked the taste, love the convenience but the caffeine kick was not what I wished for, but that's due to it taking at least two cups before I get the kick. So my suggestion is a double strength version.

Will be buying more ASAP

DEAR LORD this is the best bar I've ever had!!! I WILL buy.

Great morning snack

Delicious. Great morning snack between breakfast and lunch. Just enough of a kick from the caffeine to raise alertness but not be jittery and weird. Chia seeds get hidden in your teeth and you don't know it until you feel their goo. :)


Delicious. I love coffee and I don't always have time to brew and drink a cup. A bit on the pricy side to buy, but any time you aren't getting something produced on a massive scale, you'll have that.

Great caffeine boost

I used this during a day long self-challenged Mantathalon of running, mountain biking and rock climbing from dawn to dusk last week. My final run would have been pretty sad without the caffeine boost. It was pretty edible, as these things go, and *has coffee.* I already pushed it on my friends on FB.

Could be good for a long hike

Tasted pretty good but I personally didn't love it. I liked the fair trade aspect of it and probably tastes very good out in the woods when you haven't eaten for hours. I didn't have a chance to take it out hiking but it's a cool idea to incorporate the coffee if you were on a long hike and didn't have time to stop or it's too hot to make coffee but you need an extra boost.

Convenient for a ski day

This was a great thing to have in the car on the way to the slopes in the morning to go along with my coffee. I don't like to waste time in the morning eating when I could be out skiing, and I also want to sleep as much as possible. Enter the CoffeeBar to save on breakfast time!
The taste was also pretty good - I think having a coffee also helped a bit. These bars are usually hard to keep moist and chewy, but this one's texture was pretty good!

Unique bar with simple ingredients

Enjoyed the unique taste. Kind of like a thick, dense, coffee flavored brownie...with oats.
Didn't "feel" the coffee that is in it but I like that the coffee is Fair Trade. Might try some more of these for a snack on a long run or hike when I need some energy from coffee to see how much juice it gives me.
With so many bars on the market, this one is unique. Simple ingredients and coffee.

Love the idea

I loved this and definitely want to buy another pack! Tastes great and I love the idea of getting some coffee caffeine in without having to brew a pot.

Perfect coffee loving munchie snack

This is what I'm talking about in an energy bar!! So perfect for coffee loving munchie snack- in the car, office, or heading up the trail!


Great product...very yummy and nutritious

Oh. My. Goodness.

Oh. My. Goodness. Excellent taste and yes, quite the impact afterwards - would love to get my hands on some more of these before the next long-weekend adventure! Thank you!

Found my new favorite bar!

I think I've found my bar! I honestly dislike eating bars but they're the most convenient think to snack on or eat for lunch while on the go, especially on the trail so I'm always on the lookout for a new bar and will try everything to find the one. Reading the ingredients, it has everything that I like.
Definitely going in my resupply box this summer's big adventure!

Recommend this bar to all my friends

I really enjoyed this coffee bar. It was delicious. Even though it is coffee flavored, the coffee did not overpower the other favors. The texture was a nice balance of chewy with a crunch. It was not dry, as some bars can be. It provided sustained energy for the morning. I would recommend this bar to all my friends.

Perfect for hiking

I like this because when I am hiking I don't always want to pull out a coffee maker and make coffee but I need some kind of coffee to start my day. The bar does just that.

Yum. Never thought of or tried a bar like this before.

Yum. I've never thought of or tried a bar like this. It provided the same kick that I get from a cup of coffee. This would be a great option for backpacking trips.

Nice little boost

Delicious and gives you a nice little boost. A great morning snack. We picked up another box on the website.

Couldn't wait

I couldn't wait for an adventure for this... I ate it at my desk.
The flavor and texture was spot on. I aim to stock up on these buggers for morning treats around the fire.

Great wake-up bar

Definitely a wake-up bar. Also a great alternative to brewing coffee, if it is just too cold out or you want to get going quickly on the trail. Great flavor too! Really enjoyed this bar.

Kept me going

I don't really drink coffee, I'm more of a tea kinda gal, but this energy bar was delicious and kept me going on a 400 mile drive

Awesome product for backpacking adventures

I don't bring coffee with me when backpacking because of the extra weight and hassle but I miss that caffeine hit in the morning. This is awesome.

Allnighter fuel

DO NOT EAT AFTER 5PM IF YOU INTEND TO SLEEP AT NIGHT! This bar is great. I needed to pull an all nighter and it helped greatly!

Delicious and healthy ingredients

This bar is delicious. It has a consistency similar to a brownie. The coffee flavor is the prominent flavor although the bar is filled with healthy ingredients. If you are looking for a convenient replacement for a cup of coffee, this is a great option!