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Founded by coffee-deprived college students, Eat Your Coffee is on a mission to help people get energized and get more done with naturally-caffeinated snacks made with real, ethically-sourced ingredients. Every Eat Your Coffee Snack is caffeinated with real, direct-trade coffee and made with real foods so you can feel good with every energizing bite.

Our Farmers + Our Coffee

We use only direct-trade coffee beans which means we pay farmers fair wages for every coffee bean we source. From bean to bar, we believe in supporting the farming communities that make Eat Your Coffee possible.

Our Farmers + Our Coffee Eat Your Coffee Fair Trade Coffee Beans
Our Farmers + Our Coffee Eat Your Coffee Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Our Team

We’re small, but energized. Get to know us!
Johnny Fayad CEO Johnny Fayad of Eat Your Coffee

Johnny Fayad

CEO and Co-Founder

Johnny’s an LA native and Eagle Scout who can’t get enough of Parks and Rec, Lebanese food, and pour-over coffee (when he isn’t eating his coffee of course).

Ali Kothari Ali Kothari _ Eat Your Coffee COO

Ali Kothari

COO and Co-Founder

Apart from being an avid world traveler, Ali is a self-proclaimed master of ping-pong who eats weird food like strawberry cream cheese, eggs, and turkey bacon on a blueberry bagel.

Meghan Kotz Meghan Kotz _ Eat Your Coffee Content and Design Manager

Meghan Kotz

Senior Brand Manager

Not only is Meghan a proud mom, she is also a proud handy-woman (she can fix anything with super glue and duct tape). She has an unmatched weakness for baby animals.

Réne Petersson

Réne Petersson

Customer Experience Rep

René is a proud born and bred Angeleno who has too many interests to count, some of which include: architecture, design, travel, food, LA history, hiking and making every walk a tour for anyone who dares take to the streets with him. AKA he talks too much.

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How We Work - Eat Your Coffee

How We Work

In our search for building an effective business, positive culture, and healthy work life balance, we have explored many different methods ...
A Message From Our Founders on COVID-19 - Eat Your Coffee

A Message From Our Founders on COVID-19

Like many of you, we have been closely following the impact that COVID-19 is having in the world and are grappling with how it’s affecting our communities, homes, and everyday lives. We understand there are a lot of voices discussing this subject, and it seems that at this point, we want to make sure we’re adding value and not just more noise. 
Eat Your... Progress! - Eat Your Coffee

Eat Your... Progress!

Q2 was filled with positive growth and indicators of success in the new direction we’ve been taking over the past year. How energizing!! Our eCommerce business tripled, Amazon doubled, and we saw a 30% lift in annual same-store sales at retail with our narrowed focus/initiatives mentioned in last quarter’s update.

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