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Eat Your... Progress!

Q2 was filled with positive growth and indicators of success in the new direction we’ve been taking over the past year. How energizing!! Our eCommerce business tripled, Amazon doubled, and we saw a 30% lift in annual same-store sales at retail with our narrowed focus/initiatives mentioned in last quarter’s update. 

Here's the breakdown:

Last Quarter’s Riddle Answer

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seat with the last riddle and seeing what we’ve been up to. To jog your memory a bit, we mentioned a couple of key terms like “Benefits” and “Friends”, and it was hinting at the rollout of our subscription program! Or as we like to call it, Friends & Benefits

To get this off the ground, we:

  • Made some much-needed site updates to make managing recurring orders a breeze. Check out this blog post we made that walks you through our customer portal. 
  • Worked to outline an accessible price/discount amount for our loyal Friends
  • We’ve got more surprises in store for the coming quarter with our Friends & Benefits program, so stay tuned!

Executing in retail is easier said than done!

In our last newsletter, we announced that we were launching a brand ambassador program to support our core regions. Our initial goal was to launch June 1 but the timeline on hiring 5 brand ambassadors was much longer than anticipated. Quick shoutout to our demo platform Promomash for making our lives infinitely easier!

Despite the delays with getting brand ambassadors on board, we’ve now started to see the benefits of this program along with over 50 new secondary displays set up in our core retail locations!

Progress on the Snack Bite Front

We are excited to announce that office snack provider, Oh My Green!, is going to bring the Cocoa Espresso Caffeinated Snack Bites into their portfolio! With our ongoing relationship with The Fruit Guys, that brings a nice boost to our presence in foodservice.

Additionally, we are ecstatic to be partnering with Advanced Natural Group, a broker that specializes in foodservice to help further our growth in the foodservice channel.

And, of Course, it is Time for a Rhyme!

It is time for some exploration

Seeing sights across the nation

Many thanks to tech

You’ll know what’s on deck

In our next quarter’s installation.  

Stay energized!
- The EYC Team



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