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Friends & Beanefits

Sign up for recurring deliveries of your favorite caffeinated snacks today and become a Friend! Being a Friend has beanefits. Our Friends get:

  • Free shipping
  • 15% off every order
  • Flexible stop-and-start plans
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Surprise gifts & swag

Snacks Our Friends Love

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Here’s how it works:

Our Friends are customers with recurring deliveries.


Try our flavors

Pick your favorite flavor or try a bundle and get 15% off and free shipping!


Become a Friend

A week after your bars arrive, you’ll get a text from us about your next shipment! You can make changes with just a quick text letting us know what you'd like!


Get Beanefits

Once you’re our Friend, we’ll spoil you with lots of energizing Beanefits!

Earn Beans, Get Rewarded!


Tell us what you think!

100 Beans

Beans for Bars!

Beans for every purchase!


Friends are any customers with recurring deliveries. Sign up for recurring orders and we’ll make sure to treat you like a Friend

You can pause or cancel anytime! Just shoot us a text and let us know what you need! We hope you’d stay our Friend and if you ever have too many bars, you can just skip a shipment and modify the frequency of orders! If you ever have trouble with this, feel free to shoot us a note and we can take care of any account management needs, Friend.

If you decide not to give our Friendship a chance, and cancel your plan prior to delivery of the trial pack, your order will automatically be cancelled and refunded. No hard feelings though. We'll still be your Friend down the road if you change your mind!

All you have to do is create an account and start earning
! You get 250 Beans just for signing up!

Yes, Beans! Beans are what we call our reward points and what we use to keep track of our Friendship as it grows.

100 Beans = $1 and we've got a bunch of ways to boost your Bean count and earn some energizing Benefits!

It’s time we DTR (Define the Relationship).

Depending on how long we’ve known one another, you’ll be an Acquaintance, Buddy, Pal, or BFF!

Acquaintance – Just getting to know us? Create an EYC account and you're automatically enrolled in The Beanefits. This gets you 250 Beans to start! We’ll also send you 250 Beans on your birthday – you know, like that person you added on Facebook six years ago who always says, “HBD, Carol!”

Buddy – Been around long enough to earn 1000 Beans? We’re buds now and this relationship is brewing! We’ll still send you positive vibes (and Beans) for your birthday, but we’ll also send you a pair of EYC socks on us to put a pep in your step!

Pal – You’re repping some cool socks, feel loved on your birthday, and have 2000 Beans in your bag. We’re close enough where it’s time to start letting you in on our little secrets. Whenever we have a new product or flavor in the works, you’ll be the first to know about (and try) it!

BFFs – We made it. 3500 Beans later and we don’t know what we’d do without one another. You still get all of the cool stuff we’ve always shared throughout our Friendship, but now we’ll also swag you out in some sweet EYC Gear and give you Johnny’s digits. He loves chatting with our BFFs, helping with anything needed, and making sure everyone is taken care of.

Nothing! Once you've created an account, your points will automatically be applied to every applicable order.

If you have any promotions, you’ll get a notification, as well, to help remind you if you have any unused gifts/discounts.

Friends That Fuel Their Routine


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