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Coffee in a portable puch, what a great concept!
The only thing for 5 stars instead of 4: It should be resealable if you are hurrying.

Who knew?

When I first tried the snacks I thought I would be cancelling the subscription and just ordering when I needed them. I didn’t think I’d be eating enough to warrant a monthly subscription. BUT... my roommate is now as hooked as I am so we’re waiting for the shipment to arrive every month like dogs waiting on the master to return home! Can’t imagine a day without eating my coffee!


I really love how strong it is and flavorful the bars are!!!!

great snack

great on apples, bread, even by itself!

A staple for me

This bar is so delicious, and it always gives me the boost I need.


I love these bars. They give me my dose of coffee when I need it and just
Don’t have the time to brew a cup and they taste great!!

Nice flavors

Delicious flavors! And actually pretty filling!

A Splurge for Myself!

I couldn’t decide which bars and snacks to buy. In addition, I had never tried the nut butter. I decided to splurge and invest in this large variety pack. I’m glad that I did as I love thinking about exactly which type of bar, snack, or nut butter I’m in the mood for at which times!

Very Tasty!

Unsurprisingly, it's awesome! Really good, quick way to get energy flowing.

Convenient and tasty!

After receiving a free trial, I purchased this flavor and love the taste! Super convenient for when regular coffee is not an option. Love the friends deal!

Mixed Bars

Good Beans

Cafinated Snack Bitea are good

The Secret is Out

I have been eating my coffee for months now, but my daughter, who is home from college, has just discovered my stash of Eat Your Coffee. I am now forced to double my order, and as soon as my son, who also home from college finds out, I’ll be tripling the monthly order.

Damn you, Eat Your Coffee. Damn you.

Fudgy Mocha Latte Snack Bars


The small bars were good but the larger ones were to chocolatey & little coffee. Would like to get the Machiato snacks, maybe they'll be nice.


good snack in the car

Healthy energy snack

Very natural flavors and no added sugar so they don't taste exactly like you might imagine from the name. Mostly bitter and the mint is only recognizable as a slight cooling sensation, but I like the bits of dark chocolate.


These are so good! I’m impressed! I loooove coffee so these are such a treat for me haha

Love the Salted Caramel Macchiato !

I really was skeptical about these bars, but the salted caramel macchiato changed my whole opinion! They're so good and I love them before work or before I go workout to give me an extra boost.

Great Product

I honestly don't have anything bad to say about these bars. They taste good, and they give me the boost of energy that I need.


They remind me of Lara bars. They're good.

Nice option

These bars are tasty and a nice option to get caffeine. I like all of the flavors and the bars texture is nice as well. Something to consider instead of a candy bar for a hit of energy.

Perfect pre-workout fuel

I got back into running a few months ago. I was running on my lunch break and had figured out how to time my food/caffeine consumption accordingly. One summer hit and it got way too hot to run midday I had to switch to early morning runs and was having trouble figuring out how to appropriately fuel up. These are perfect! Enough caffeine to get me going and just enough calories to get me through a few miles, without feeling like it’s sloshing around in my stomach. I don’t care for the mint flavor, but all the others are pretty tasty!

Tasty and Effective

A tiny bite-sized snack, the snacks are delicious and provide as much of a boost as a normal cup of coffee. :)

No issues-- order arrived timely and accurately-- all ok at this end.



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