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Q: What’s an Eat Your Coffee Bar?

A: Eat Your Coffee Bar is a snack bar caffeinated with Fair Trade coffee (comparable to 1 cup home brewed coffee). The base ingredients in every Eat Your Coffee Bar are high fiber dates, protein-packed nut butter, and gluten-free oats and antioxidant-rich coffee (of course). Every ingredient is vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and 70% organic, so you can feel good with every energizing bite. No additives, no preservatives, no nonsense — just real ingredients you find in a pantry, not a laboratory!


Q: How much caffeine is in one Eat Your Coffee bar?

A: Eat Your Coffee’s snack bars have approximately 80mg of caffeine, which is comparable to about 1 cup of home-brewed coffee.


Q: Where do you source your coffee from?

A: Eat Your Coffee sources Nicaraguan single origin, organic, Fair-Trade, shade-grown coffee from Grounds For Change, a family owned and operated small batch coffee roasting business. The coffee beans specifically come from a coffee farming cooperative in Nicaragua. The cooperative that produces the coffee in our bars is committed to the highest quality standards. In 2015, co-op members participated in the Nicaraguan coffee cupping competition known as The Cup of Excellence, in which the cooperative was awarded first place overall and three of the top ten quality awards. With revenue from its Fair Trade sales, the cooperative supports many social and quality control programs.


Q: What’s different about Eat Your Coffee Bars vs. my other favorite snack bars?

A: Eat Your Coffee Bars are caffeinated with real, Fair Trade coffee (comparable to 1 cup)! Now that’s energizing! EYC Bars are the only bars on the market caffeinated with a full cup of Fair Trade coffee and made with clean, 70% organic ingredients. We pride ourselves on making bars that taste amazing and energize with every buzzy bite. EYC Bar is your tasty secret to crushing every uphill battle.


Q: How much does an Eat Your Coffee Bar cost?

A: Eat Your Coffee’s snack bars are sold at a suggested retail price of $2.49/bar. However, many of our grocers sell the bars between a price point of $1.99 - $2.99/bar. Eat Your Coffee Bars are sold on Amazon Prime for $2.49/bar for a 8pk and $2.33 for a 15pk.


Q: What’s the shelf life of a Eat Your Coffee Bar?

A: The shelf life is 12 months.


Q: Where is Eat Your Coffee sold?

A: Get the buzz on our locations.


Q: Where can I find your refund and service policies?

A: You can view our Refund Policy and Terms of Service online.


Q: What's up with the trial pack?

A: Our trial pack is intended for those interested in a subscription but would like to try each flavor!

Here’s how it works:

  • Get a bar of each flavor delivered to your doorstep!
  • A week after your bars arrive, you’ll get an email from us about your next shipment!
  • You’ll be set to get an 8-pack of mixed bars, but you can make changes in just a few clicks!
  • No strings attached - you can skip a shipment, pause, or cancel anytime!
  • If your subscription is cancelled before the bars are shipped & delivered, we will cancel the shipment and refund you any costs.For those interested in a one-time purchase and want to try all flavors, we recommend the mixed 8-pack! Use code: JUSTASIP 






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