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What is Allulose?

Low-carb and low-sugar diets have been around for decades – from Atkins to Paleo to Whole30 to Keto – people have been watching their sugar intake and looking for sugar replacements to get their sweet tooth satiated. These diets, namely the latest ketogenic diet, come with a variety of great benefits like helping your body burn fat quickly and keeping you alert/improving cognitive function.

If you’ve ever looked into the keto diet, you may have come across the term Allulose and wondered what it was. Well, allulose is a magical, naturally occurring sweetener that doesn’t have the weird stevia aftertaste you’ve come to expect in a low sugar product and other sugar replacements you may have tried.

It can be found in many foods like figs and raisins, and while the FDA classifies it as a carb, it’s not a sugar or sugar alcohol! The true magic behind allulose is that we lack the enzymes needed to metabolize it, which makes it nearly calorie-free and a way to make something tasty while getting net carbs down! So, while it still has the great taste and texture of sugar, it leaves you without the glycemic spike and significantly lower net carbs (leading to just 2g net carbs in our Caffeinated Keto Bars!). 

Keto Snack Bars with Allulose

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