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The 10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

For extreme hikers, some dangerous hikes can have some great pay offs. Taking these extreme hiking trails can result in some stunning views if you are willing to risk the trail. These top 10 world wide most dangerous hikes can be used for inspiration to keep your daredevil alive!
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How to Buy Hiking and Backpacking Boots: Secrets from a Footwear Manager

Based on time spent backpacking over thousands of miles and managing a sporting goods footwear department, some insider have secrets on how to buy the best hiking and backpacking boots have been compiled. Advice on how to make the most of your hikes is a click away!
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Top 9 New England Hikes This Fall

Fall in New England means getting to hike one of the many mountains, forests, or trails offers beautiful scenery, a good workout, and a great time! Eat Your Coffee has come up with our Top 9 Hikes in New England to check out.
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5 Easy Ways to Stay Active this Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and there's no better time to get outside. While laying on the beach is great, the warm weather and longer days call for action! Here are five easy and fun ways to stay moving this summer.
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Twenty Songs to Energize Your Morning

I think we can all relate to how hard it can be to get going in the morning. Here at Eat Your Coffee, we suggest having a playlist filled with songs to energize your morning! Check out some of our favorites!
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Nosh an Eat Your Coffee Bar Pre-Workout and See Results

When you are thinking about what to snack on before working out, do you think about caffeine? Science says you probably should be! Caffeine has been proven to increase endurance, performance, and can help you have a more enjoyable workout.
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Three Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Coffee

When over half of American's are drinking coffee everyday, there is hopefully going to be some benefits along with it! And while it has been proven that drinking coffee offers health benefits, there may be more benefits from eating your coffee!