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20 Songs to Energize Your Day

Hello Friends, we’re back with a long-overdue second edition of “20 Songs to Stay Energized.” Here you’ll find a fine-tuned selection of songs meant to wake you up and keep you running throughout your day. Whether at work, on a run or dancing in your living room, we’ve got your covered. Stay energized, fam.


Physical - Dua Lipa

Gooooood Morning, Friends. What better way to start the day than with some Dua Lipa. Having just released her sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, the new queen of pop is giving us disco workout bops alongside an impressive lineup of fast-paced & body-moving beats. This isn’t the last time you’ll hear her today.

Feeling Good - Sofi Tukker

If you don’t know Sofi Tukker, then get ready to have your world rocked. This energizing duo has mastered tropical-rhythm jams that demand you get up and dance...feel yourself and feel good!

Say So - Doja Cat

Doja Cat. That’s it. You’ve probably heard “Say So” more and more as of late thanks to the latest TikTok dance to sensationalize the internet. It’s a disco-inspired bop that proves disco is a thing again and we are just going to have to accept it.

Oblivion - Grimes

Grimes has always been a few steps ahead when it comes to her synthy sounds that really set the mood. “Oblivion” is definitely the song you will be bobbing your head to while walking around town.

Wild Girl - Kito & Empress Of

Take a break from whatever work you’re doing to get up and dance for the next three minutes and twelve seconds. Shake your head, throw your arms up and go wild. We won’t judge.

Lonely Cities - Tigertown

Okay, you’ll need to stay up for this song because it is an anthem to travel, to dance and to sometimes being alone and dancing in your living room.

About Work The Dancefloor - Georgia

Georgia is a Euro-pop sensation that cannot be ignored. She’ll turn any room into a dance floor and this song is a body-shaking bop we don’t deserve.

Sun In Our Eyes - Mø

It is rare that a song comes along that ignites fantasies of twirling in a field -- sun beating on your face -- but Mø does this perfectly in “Sun in Our Eyes.” Chug whatever coffee you have left and get shaking.

Levitating - Dua Lipa

We said there would be more Dua on this playlist. This song is how you’ll feel after your Eat Your Coffee bar hits. That’s all.

Nana - Polo & Pan

Close your eyes and tell yourself you’re moving and grooving somewhere tropical. Ok, now you’re there and not your living room.

Best to You - Blood Orange & Empress Of

Anything Empress Of touches is pretty much a surefire hit. We have countless memories jumping around to this song, whether at a festival or with roommates around our apartment. 

The Glow - Sylvan Esso

To us, this song feels like a fun-dip stick that was dipped in nostalgia for our college years with friends, dancing of course, around from house party to house party. It’s a banger.

You & Me - Disclosure

Have you ever needed the perfect song to soundtrack a vacation abroad? New places, new faces, and non-stop movement? Well, this is your jam to keep you moving and shaking.

Blame It on Your Love - Charli XCX & Lizzo

Whether you’re running, trying to work or throwing a house party, Lizzo and Charli XCX are your girls to get things going.

Best Friend - Sofi Tukker

Call a friend, stand on your head and shake what the good Lord gave you. This energy-packed song will turn your world upside down.

Canopée - Polo & Pan

Now, the tempo does shift a little with “Canopée”, but it still holds a strong rhythm that will keep you up and focused.

Better Sit Down Boy - Confidence Man

Confidence Man did not come to play with this song; you’ll have a hard time sitting down especially at the chorus. Anthemic and energized for a morning of whatever you want.

Get Close - Disclosure

Disclosure does not disappoint when it comes to iconic songs that demand you get up and move. “Get Close” will keep you up and will require some solid dancing.

Nice Out - Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish is a master of the breakdown and she’ll keep you wanting more. Find your groove and don’t lose it.

The Difference - Flume & Toro y Moi

Fast-paced and fun...simple as that. Turn “The Difference” on and get to work. 


Okay, phew! Now that we’ve given you 20 bangers to keep you energized, you’re definitely ready to take on the day. Go forth, friends!



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