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Your Cheat Sheet to Italian Coffee Culture

There are a few basic rules to follow to avoid being considered “uncivilized”: here we have created a short glossary to understand what your options are and to avoid committing serious mistakes at the counter. It can be intimidating, but this list can help!
Whole Food Coffee Bar

Whole Food Coffee Bar

When you need an extra burst of energy, a bar made from real coffee beans can provide the extra energy needed for you to make it through the day and if you manage to find a bar that is made from whole foods, that is even better!
Best Low Calorie Snacks

Best Low Calorie Snacks

One of the hardest parts of any diet plan is deciding what to have for a snack. When hunger hits, the best low calorie snacks should leave you energized and satisfied without consuming a lot of non-essential calories.

Best energy bars for endurance athletes

Energy Bars for Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes burn a lot of calories… a lot. It is not unusual for a competitive athlete to burn 6,000 calories a day, and if you're an endurance athlete, you know you need to keep your caloric intake high. Doing this will boost athletic performance, rebuild muscle tissue, and provide some much-needed fuel for your body. One of the biggest sources that endurance athletes use for nutrition are energy bars.
Healthy Energy Bar

Choosing a Healthy Energy Bar

The health food market in the United States is a billion-dollar market and growing. Energy bars are marketed as an alternative food to fuel our bodies, and they are the go-to snack for many people before and after a workout. However, a lot of people grab an energy bar for a quick mid-afternoon snack or for their go-to breakfast bar.
5 ways to make the perfect cup of coffee in your own kitchen

5 Ways to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee In Your Own Kitchen.

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Did you know we're fans of coffee? We love eating our coffee obviously but would never abandon our ritual of a morning cup O' joe.

If you can imagine, we've tested a lot of ways to consume coffee. We like to think that makes us experts in the field. Making a fresh, delicious cup of coffee is one thing, but it's crucial to start with the right beans (fresh)

We've broken down making the perfect cup into 5 different methods for you, depending on what tools you have in your caffeinated wheelhouse.

coffee you can eat

These College Students Invented Coffee You Can Eat

Eat Your Coffee has been featured in The Penny Hoarder, one of the world's largest personal finance websites with 1-+ million monthly readers. Check out their article on us: New Grounds Food Feature to learn more about how you can now eat your coffee!
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Your energizing Labor Day treat

With the chaos that comes along with Labor Day, how are you supposed to have the energy to keep up?  Don't worry, Eat Your Coffee has a quick-bake treat that will keep you energized through your whole party!
fair trade coffee beans

What does Fair Trade really mean?

Nowadays, food can have a lot of labels on it that try to answer questions like where the ingredients come from or how the food got from the farm to the store. Have you ever wondering what Fair Trade means or if it matters? Read to see how much it matters to farmers and organizations alike.
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Can Caffeine Improve Muscle Recovery?

Finding energy in a daily routine is something that can difficult with busy lifestyles that everyone leads. While we know that caffeine can give us that energy to get us to the gym and power through out workout, what does do it for us in the recovery stage?
health benefits of caffeine

5 Seriously Awesome Health Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine consumption has been shown to have some seriously awesome health benefits including efficient muscle recovery, boosted metabolism, increased focus, and improved mood. Who wouldn't want some of that!?
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51 Scientific Reasons Coffee is Healthy (#49 Is Life Changing)

Most people go back and forth on whether coffee is healthy and if it should be part of their daily diet. I have thoroughly researched all of the health benefits and implications of drinking coffee. I dove into tons of scientific studies to sort out fact from fiction, and found 51 benefits backed up by a scientific study!