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Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth - Eat Your Coffee

Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

The question "does coffee stunt your growth?" can be answered from two angles. This is from experience and scientific findings. An individual, who...
Our Favorite BIPOC Snack Brands - Eat Your Coffee

Our Favorite BIPOC Snack Brands

Photos sourced from Project Pop, Partake, and Golde.   Since the killing of George Floyd, protests against racism and police brutality have erupted...
The Best Summer Snacks - Eat Your Coffee

The Best Summer Snacks

Summer didn’t turn out exactly as planned this year? Have no fear -- we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summer snacks that you can make in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re #TeamSalty or #TeamSweet, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get snacking.
DIY Coffee Face Mask - Eat Your Coffee

DIY Coffee Face Mask

We all need a little life in our cup each morning when we fall out of bed. Why not top it off by pumping some life into your dull, sleepy skin, too? A little pick-me-up without the injections, if you will. Roughly 10 years ago, beauty companies started using caffeine as an ingredient in skincare products because of its magical tightening effects. Turns out, it’s actually ideal for all skin types!
Cut Your Coffee Acidity - Eat Your Coffee

Cut Your Coffee Acidity

GERD got you down? Coffee affects everyone in different ways, but the acidity in your morning brew can certainly cause stomach troubles later in the day. Instead of letting GERD and acid reflux get the best of you, try one of these simple ways to cut down the acidity in your coffee.
Keto This, Not That! - Eat Your Coffee

Keto This, Not That!

Nobody ever said dieting was easy. Everyone gets cravings from time to time, but when following the keto diet, it’s important that the food you consume won’t kick you out of ketosis. If you start craving any of these foods, read on to see the best option to keep your ketosis on track.
Our 5 Favorite Caffeinated Nut Butter Snacks - Eat Your Coffee

Our 5 Favorite Caffeinated Nut Butter Snacks

Most of the time we just eat our caffeinated nut butters straight from the packet. But they’re also a fantastic (and energizing) addition to some of our favorites snacks! Here’s a list of our five favorite nut butter recipes. 

Low Acid Coffee and GERD - Eat Your Coffee

Low Acid Coffee and GERD

Let’s face it: coffee doesn’t agree with everybody. While we know some lucky ones who can chug their drink like it’s nobody’s business, a solid portion of the population finds that liquid coffee causes an upset stomach, indigestion, or acid reflux -- especially when you haven’t eaten. What’s the deal?
For The Love of Coffee, Here Are The Best Mother's Day Gifts! - Eat Your Coffee

For The Love of Coffee, Here Are The Best Mother's Day Gifts!

Mother's Day gifts and all things coffee. Snag your mom some unique gifts for Mother's Day! Any coffee-loving mom (basically all of them), will be thrilled to receive any of these gifts for coffee fiends.
10 Coffee Desserts for Valentine’s Day - Eat Your Coffee

10 Coffee Desserts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, which means you’re going to need some extra caffeine to stay up all night with your sweetie. After guzzling a cold brew or two, pick any of these coffee-flavored desserts for an evening full of love, sugar, and lots of chocolate.
Caffeinated Keto Snacks - Eat Your Coffee

Caffeinated Keto Snacks

What snacks are truly deemed "Keto-Friendly"? To understand what snacks you can eat t...
The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Eat Your Coffee

The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Holiday shopping season is officially here and that means it’s time to figure out what gifts all of your family and friends actually want this year. We know, that’s easier said than done… We may not be able to help with ALL of your gift-giving, but we have pretty good taste when it comes to coffee (yum)! If you have a family member or friend that is coffee-obsessed, this is a fool-proof holiday gift guide. Pick one or two of these coffee-related gifts and you will likely be the best gift-giver this holiday season! You can thank us later.


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