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Cut Your Coffee Acidity

GERD got you down? Coffee affects everyone in different ways, but the acidity in your morning brew can certainly cause stomach troubles later in the day. Instead of letting GERD and acid reflux get the best of you, try one of these simple ways to cut down the acidity in your coffee.

Brew it cold.

When you brew hot coffee, the hot water helps release oils and acids in the beans. Soak your coffee beans in cold water to get all the great flavor without the harsh acidity. Plus, your coffee will taste sweeter without any added sugar!

Add milk.

In addition to increasing the volume of your coffee (basic surface area, my friends), adding milk or cream can balance out the pH level and reduce acidity.

Make it with eggshells.

Eggshells in coffee? Trust us, it sounds weird, but it works. Eggshells contain alkaline calcium, which neutralizes the acidity when brewing coffee. Don’t forget to rinse the eggs an extra time after they’ve been cracked -- no salmonella here, please.

Add salt.

Alton Brown (of Food Network fame) is a huge proponent of adding salt to your coffee. We never understood it, but apparently it makes the brew less bitter and can neutralize some of the acidity. 

Use low-acid coffee beans.

Low-acid beans exist, so if you find yourself severely affected by GERD after drinking coffee, consider switching to this variety. Some beans are treated before roasting and some are treated after, but all the toasty flavor you crave comes out in full force either way.

Eat your coffee.

No running to the bathroom after a cup of joe if you eat your coffee instead! Made with whole ingredients like dates, oats, and nut butters, our Eat Your Coffee Caffeinated Snack Bars are the perfect grab-and-go snack to keep you full, caffeinated, and smiling all day long. EYC Bars are your handy-dandy coffee alternative. 


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