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Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

The question "does coffee stunt your growth?" can be answered from two angles. This is from experience and scientific findings. An individual, who loves coffee because of its caffeine content can tell you if the adverse health effects of coffee outweigh its benefits. More so, findings have revealed why more than 60% of Americans love coffee.

If you are not a coffee freak, and you see someone else sipping a hot cup of coffee with a happy face, it could appear strange to you. If you drink coffee regularly, you would be able to inform anti-coffee individuals on reasons why it is not a bad idea to be a pro-coffee person.

Woman sipping coffee

Coffee is just one among the many caffeinated beverages such as soda and energy drinks, cherished by millions of Americans. Americans love coffee, not only because of its stimulating effect but for some health reasons.

Brazil and Finland just like the United States rank top globally when it comes to the ratio of the population which consumes coffee.

You could have heard or read that coffee stunts your growth, but how true is this? Drinking coffee has its advantages and disadvantages. You should know how much coffee you need to consume daily, weekly, or monthly. This will help you to be a moderate coffee lover and not a coffee addict. You only need to know your daily caffeine limits.

EatYourCoffee caffeinated energy bars

Interestingly, some Americans who consume coffee products are healthier. One such product is Eat Your Coffee Caffeinated Energy Bars.

Does coffee hurt your general health

If you like drinking coffee while hungry, you might feel unease with yourself. Caffeine intake when hungry can expose you to stomach ulcers. In addition, you are likely to experience nausea. Furthermore, asking for more coffee while you are in a restaurant is not safe for you. You would be inviting health conditions such as high blood pressure.

You know your health better than anyone else. You have to cut down on coffee when necessary. You should know that metabolic activities differ in humans. Therefore, if your friend drinks four cups of coffee, and does not complain of insomnia, two cups of coffee could cause several nights of sleeplessness for you.

Pregnant women and coffee consumption

Women shouldn't drink coffee when pregnant. Findings have revealed that caffeine in coffee affects the growth of the fetus. This will in turn affect the bone mass of the unborn baby leading to low birth weight.

Scientific research has made it known that the well-being of the fetus rests principally on what the pregnant woman eats, and drinks, as well as her lifestyle.

Caffeinated drinks and coffee products

While some people drink coffee, others go for Eat Your Coffee Caffeinated Energy Bars, which increase productivity at work. Going for a snack such as EatYourCoffee caffeinated energy bars is healthy, as it helps to lower the risk of sleeping on duty.

Caffeine addiction is largely determined by the consumption of high doses of coffee and related caffeine products. So, drinking coffee should be in moderation.

Relationship between child's growth and drinking coffee

Some coffee drinks have high caffeine content. There is no scientific proof that children who drink coffee are likelier to experience stunted growth. However, coffee-loving parents should not turn their kids into coffee addicts.

Also, as a young child, do not compare yourself with other growing kids, who consume coffee a lot, and are growing taller than you. This is not evidence to prove that your taking less coffee has indeed stunted your growth.

Some health problems associated with caffeine consumption

When you drink coffee in excess, you will experience irregular sleep patterns or disrupted sleep. You should check your caffeine intake when you begin to sleep less, and roll over your bed for hours at night.

Also, if you discover that consuming caffeine drinks does more harm to your health than good, then you need to take a break.

Some wellness tips regular coffee drinkers should know about

It is not scientific to state that heart disease is caused by the caffeine in coffee. Coffee consumption has been discovered to prevent heart disease, and also control insulin, which in turn helps to checkmate type 2 diabetes.

Any scientific evidence coffee stunts kid's growth

No documented survey reveals coffee stunts growth in growing kids, be it their bone growth or body weight.

In addition, coffee has nothing to do with a person's height after several years of drinking coffee. Coffee stunts are simply a conjured fantasy. Therefore, your child, who is not growing taller, than his/her peers is not a result of coffee.

Poor nutrition and stunted growth

Poor nutrition affects a person's growth and not coffee. Other factors such as malnutrition, wrong food combinations, and genetics affect growth.

People who do not grow like their peers should not blame caffeine or coffee. The lack of eating a balanced diet is contributing to poor growth.

What young adults should know about the caffeinated beverage

Following caffeine limits daily has nothing to do with your childhood growth. Drink coffee when necessary, and make sure your caffeine intake does not become an addiction.

If you experience stunted growth, or low body weight during your puberty years, you should know that your coffee consumption was not responsible for that.

The Health benefits of coffee are numerous

Drinking coffee in moderation is a source of vitamin d. Also coffee is good for your bone health. There are official guidelines that advise about four cups as a sign for daily consumption.

Senior citizens in America drink coffee a lot

Coffee is not all about caffeine stunt how children grow if they are introduced early to coffee by their coffee-loving parents.

In conclusion, making coffee is not all about gloom and doom. It is just for you to know what health bodies such as Health Canada be the highest daily caffeine intake, to maintain a balance in your health and wellness.



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