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Caffeine Bars

Stay awake with caffeinated bites fueled with one shot of espresso each. These whole food bars are fueled with delicious flavors like dark chocolate mint, cocoa espresso, and pumpkin spice.

Low calorie snacks

Eat Your Coffee caffeinated snack bites have only 90 calories (all bites are under 100 calories).

Whole Foods

Caffeine energy bars made with whole food ingredients - similar to a chocolate health bar and wholefood bars.

Caffeine Bars

These health bars will keep you going all day long.

Energized (verb):

Past tense: energized - give vitality and enthusiasm to, usually after eating a caffeine energy bar!


Energy from these snacks will allow you to run, jump, sail, focus, climb - you decide! What verb will you take on with your new energy bites?

Coffee on the go

These are perfect for hiking and trail snacks, as they fit in your backpack and are nonperishable. Coffee you can take with you! Plus, you can’t find a tastier coffee bar or chocolate health bar - some say these are even better than coffee.

Granola bars with caffeine

How do we compare to granola bars with caffeine? Unlike most caffeine energy bars, we use only whole food ingredients to fuel our caffeinated bars.

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