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Think we're just another Caffeine Bar? Think again!

In search of healthy snack bars? Don't pick up a synthetic caffeine bar that are anything but healthy… We welcome you to the Eat Your Coffee shop, where you have the opportunity to purchase some of the tastiest, most nutritious caffeinated snack bars on the market! If you don't know us yet, we are a fresh, energized, and dynamic company that specializes in creating, natural, low calorie snacks, each of which contains a full cup of organically grown, high-quality coffee. The results are natural snack bars that have the caffeinated coffee kick you need for optimal performance. You won't find results as solid as this from a synthetic caffeine bar.

Your destination for a Whole Foods Coffee Bar

Our caffeinated snack bars have an energizing coffee boost that is an excellent choice for those times of day when your energy levels could use a kick in the butt. Whether you need to wake up first thing, beat the mid-afternoon slump to stay alert and on top form far into the night, our caffeinated snack bar options can provide the combination of great nutrition and stimulating caffeine you are looking for. You won't find the same natural kick in Awake Energy Bars or a caffeine chocolate bar or caffeine granola bar using synthetic ingredients. We're full of clean, convenient caffeine.

Sometimes we get asked if these bars are like Eating Coffee Grounds.

And the answer is no. While we use the real, organic coffee, our proprietary method to infuse our bars with coffee gives it a smooth and enjoyable texture. Suitable for people following a plant-based (vegan) diet, each bar contains whole ingredients such as high fiber dates, gluten-free oats and protein packed nut butters. When you buy from us, you are buying not only caffeine in food form, but also a product that offers genuine nutritional benefits.

One of the Best Low Calorie Snacks Out There

Each of our caffeinated energy bars contains anywhere from 90-190 calories, far less than the calorie count of many coffee drinks, breakfast foods, or even healthy energy bars. We aim to offer tasty, nutritious, caffeinate energy bars and caffeine bites. Choose from Peanut Butter Mocha, Fudgy Mocha Latte or Salted Caramel Macchiato.



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