Fuel a workout

Did you know caffeine can help improve muscle recovery post-sweat? Combine caffeine with ingredients like dates and nut butter and you can eat your way to fit bliss.

Beat the 3pm slump

We’ve all been there: 3pm rolls around and you’re zonked. Grab a snack that actually energizes: EYC bars have a bit of buzz in every bite.

Boost productivity and focus

Sometimes you gotta get sh*t done. Caffeine can boost your mental clarity and focus—now that’s our kind of snack.

A tasty snack

No one wants to nosh on cardboard. We love EVERY Eat Your Coffee Bar because they all taste incredible (sorry, we can’t pick a favorite child).

Our Ingredients

Every bar starts with a tasty base
stack of energy bars



High-fiber dates to improve digestive health



Gluten-free oats to keep your tummy full

Nut Butter

Nut Butter

Protein-packed nut butter for strength



Antioxidant-rich coffee for energy



80mg caffeine

5mg caffeine

Dates, Nut Butter, Oats, Coffee

No Nutrition

12g sugar

25g sugar

190 calories

360 calories
(caffè mocha)

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Ready to get started? Choose a 8-bar pack or a 15-bar box from four different flavors, or get a variety pack to try them all!

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