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Bostinno - Top Boston Kickstarters

This year, we’ve done our best to keep you informed of some of the cooler up-and-coming businesses, musicians and projects seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Now it’s time to release our choices for the best Boston-area Kickstarters of 2014. And, since we could only pick a limited number, we made a chart of the top-funded tech projects on Kickstarter as well.

The highest amount of money raised for a Kickstarter in 2014 was $1 million for the the Blink Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring and Alert System. (The least raised was $10 for some girl wanting funding to make herself a pasta salad.) Music was the most popular category, with 95 successfully funded Kickstarters, and journalism was the least popular category, with only one successful campaign.

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