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Wellable - Healthiest Snacks

There are probably plenty of bar-type snacks in your office kitchen already. But how many of them are healthy? How many of them also contain a cup of coffee in each bar? A wild guess: none of them. The Eat Your Coffee Bar is a truly one-of-a-kind bar; rather than the typical all-grain ingredients, they use cashews, oats, coconut, chia seeds, dates, quinoa, and cocoa to give an extremely rich blend of micro nutrients and healthy fats, as well as all-natural coffee. By putting coffee into the already nutritious bar, you not only enable employees to get their energy on the go, but it also reduces the need for adding in extra calories via creamers, sugar, or other additions that are put into liquid coffee. That calorie reduction adds up over time to incredible weight loss. Additionally, they are offering a free trial of their bars just for offices!


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