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15 Coffee Products You Need to Know About

As a team of coffee lovers and coffee gadget collectors (looking at you, Ali!), we wanted to share some of the best coffee products we’ve come across. Whether you’re looking for portable coffee makers or a device to hold your coffee while you bike, compliment your Eat Your Coffee Bars with these great coffee products:

Coffee Makers 

Bodum Travel Press

For those of you always running a little late in the morning, the Bodum Travel Press is for you. Just add a single-serving of coffee or loose leaf tea and hot water and you’re on your way!

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

When spring rolls around, we can’t help but go for the cold brew and the Takeya cold brew maker is a great way to make a large batch at home.


With the Chemex drip coffee maker, we can’t decide what we love more — the way the coffee comes out or watching the coffee being made. 


The AeroPress coffee maker is a great way to get a rich, smooth coffee with very little bitterness. In the world of coffee connoisseurs, it’s a must-have! 

Coffee Siphon

So... maybe this product is on the coffee gadget dream list, but with a better taste and a great brewing process who wouldn’t want this device on their kitchen counter?  

Coffee Tools 

Micoco Milk Frother

This little gadget is a dream for lattes, cappuccinos, and any milk-based coffee drink at home. 

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

The JavaPresse Manual coffee grinder lets you take your favorite bag of whole bean coffee and use it however you’d like — espresso or french press, the options are endless! Plus, it looks great and it’s portable. 

Mr. Mug Coffee Warmer

We all have one of them in our lives — the person that can’t drink their coffee unless it’s piping hot. Whether that person is you or a friend, the Mr. Mug Coffee warmer will turn all those cold-coffee sighs into happy inhales. 

Temperature Adjustable Mug

We know some of you saw that Mr. Mug Coffee Warmer and thought, “But what about my commute coffee?” Well, we’ve got you covered there too. The Ember Temperature-Control travel mug will keep your coffee at your ideal temperature for two hours per charge.

Bike Coffee Cup Holder

For all our biking, coffee-loving friends out there, we can’t recommend this cup holder more! Pick up your cold brew and (responsibility) drink it while you wait for the light to turn green. 

Coffee Outdoors

Portable Espresso Maker

Some people go glamping and others really rough it when they’re outdoors. But either way, we’d put the Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine on the high priority list for all espresso lovers. It’s lightweight, compact, and operated manually which makes it perfect for any type of outdoor trip!

Portable Milk Frother

Speaking of our glamping friends, if you’re looking to turn your outdoor espresso into a cappuccino in the mountains the PowerLix Milk Frother is the way to go. 

Voila Instant Coffee

Voila is not your typical instant coffee. They’re committed to high-quality coffee, meaning that your camping coffee is just as easy as before (just add water!) but tastes a heck of a lot better. 

Collapsible Pour Over

We’d say that this is not just a camping essential, but a general travel essential. With the GSI Outdoors Java Drip, you can have your perfect pour-over anywhere you go.

Jetboil Flash Java Kit

For all those dedicated campers the Jetboil Flash JavaKit Camping Stove is a great investment. It boils water in 100 seconds so you’re never far from a warm cup of joe no matter what mountain or trail you might be on.



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