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3K Eat Your Coffee Bars...Check!

February 9th

Marks the day Johnny and I first met. Neither of us knew what we were getting ourselves into that day!

April 8th

Demo Day, the first official unveiling of Eat Your Coffee Bar — the all-natural energy packing a full cup of coffee! This day was a huge success for us, as we won audience favorite, and got the validation that people actually liked our skills in the kitchen!

ali and johnny coffee bar check

April 16th

First “larger” sized production run. We made and packaged 300 EYC bars…in eight hours. Not the most efficient!

ali and johnny baking eat your coffee bars

May 23rd

First sale to a café! Getting the ball rolling, and EYC bars out to people like you.

coffee bars being sold

August 1st

We received our first Angel Investor and seed investment capital!

August 18th

3,000 EYC bars were manufactured and packaged at our co-manufacturing facility here in the USA (in 4 hours!).

homemade caffeinated chocolate bars

We finally did it!

Only 18 months after launching, we were able to begin large-scale production of our EYC bars! This is a remarkable milestone we, as a company, have achieved.

When Johnny and I first began this journey, neither of us knew what it would eventually become. Winning an award at Northeastern’s Husky Startup Challenge was unreal enough, but going on to incorporate as a company, create a brand, grow the team, bring in sales, raise outside capital, has all been an amazing learning experience.

Despite the countless hours we have put in, none of it would have been possible without the support and mentorship we have received from family, friends, colleagues, advisors, and even complete strangers! We are beyond grateful and owe our success to you all. Thank you.

But our journey isn’t over… this is just beginning. We have a lot in store for you CoffeeBar fans. We will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign on September 22nd and for the first time, we will be taking preorders for the much anticipated Mocha Latte CoffeeBar! Stay tuned for more updates!

Keep On Exploring,
Ali Kothari
Co-Founder & CFO



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