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"4 Coffee Products That Will Help You Perform like an Olympian" - Viva Glam Magazine

Each year, we’re flooded with the “next big thing” in every major industry. In fitness, everyone’s talking about everything from crossfit to HIT to hot yoga…the trends never end. And what we eat before and after a workout trends just as much as the workout itself as it’s just as important.

While eating protein is always key to fueling your body, drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages are getting their spotlight as a recent trend, so much so that many Olympians are integrating coffee into their routines!

For years, caffeine was prohibited in international competitions. But as of 2004, the ban was lifted. Studies have shown that athletes increase their athletic performance by 1-2% after ingesting caffeine. When milliseconds count, that’s a big deal.

If you want to perform like an Olympian, it might be time to integrate caffeine into your routine. Here are a few options to up your game this summer! See full article here: Viva Glam Magazine

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