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"6 Smart Snacks That Offer a Caffeine Fix" - Shape Magazine

Combine your morning coffee and your breakfast into one handheld bite with this bar, which comes in flavors like mocha latte, coconut mocha, and caramel macchiato.

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And with a full cup of fair trade coffee in each cup, you know you'll get a real buzz.

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Here are some other options:

Il Morso Coffee Bites

Moro coffee bites

These bite-sized squares, which come in coffeeshop flavors like "coffee & cream," "Americano," "mocha," and even "matcha," each pack the caffeine power of 1/2 to 1 shot of espresso. And, each organic square has only 15 to 25 calories and 1 gram of sugar.


PROBAR Base Coffee Crunch

base coffee crunch

The 55 milligrams of caffeine in each bar will give you a jolt, but the 20 grams of protein will help keep you going for hours. And with chia and flax, you get a dose of superfoods too.


Big Slice Raspberry Hibiscus & Green Coffee Extract Kettle Cooked Apples

Big Slice Raspberry Hibiscus & Green Coffee Extract Kettle Cooked Apples

Thick juicy chunks of slow-cooked apples, mixed with superfoods and amazing flavors, these pouches deliver protein, fiber, and a little boost of caffeine, thanks to coffee bean extract.


Barnana Organic Coffee Chewy Banana Bites

Barnana Organic Coffee Chewy Banana Bites

For a little hit of caffeine and the amazing flavor combo of coffee and bananas, try Barnana bites, which are made with fair trade organic coffee beans. There's the equivalent of a half cup of coffee in each 3.5-ounce (2.5 serving) bag.


PROBAR Nut Butters

PROBAR Nut Butters

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