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Camping with Coffee

As summer is fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about the great outdoor adventures we will all begin to pursue. And while you’re beginning to plan your camping escapades, you are probably also thinking about your potential backpacking snacks.

Snacks for backpacking are fairly straightforward…natural energy bars, granola, water, fruit, and… coffee. Coffee? Well of course we all consider backpacking with coffee because most of us here can’t live a day without it. But, do you actually know how to make coffee in the outdoors? I’ve tried it and it is not easy.

Let me tell you how to make coffee when camping…you don’t. Unless you like your cup o’ joe with bits of coffee grounds mixed right in, do not attempt backpacking with coffee the traditional way. 

hiker on a mountain with a sunset
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Let’s quickly touch on the ways that backpacking with coffee is difficult, as well as provide you with great tips for making it easier and more fun!

  1. When out in the wilderness, you will most likely be carrying all sorts of heavy things: your water bottle, food for backpacking, your tent, sleeping bag, etc. Why add on additional heavy equipment? Coffee and its necessary equipment just means you'll have more to carry.
  2. How to make coffee in the outdoors when you have your drinking water and you have the lake water to choose from...? You could sacrifice the water you need to stay hydrated and alive, or you could use water from the murky lake… decisions…moving on.
  3. One important thing to consider is the mess that comes along with contemplating how to make coffee in the outdoors. You could get grounds all over your bag, you might spill your thermos, you’ll need space for milk, and so on. It’s a messy task at home and much, much worse in the wilderness.

Now that we have highlighted the cons that come with backpacking with coffee, let’s touch on some of the pros, because there are some! Nowadays there are so many cool new products that make adding coffee to your list of food for backpacking that much easier!

How to make coffee when camping 101:

coffee press in the mountains

  1.  Instead of lugging around extra water in your bag, you can purchase a small water filter that will make actually using the lake water in your cup of coffee safe and possible!
  2.  Why try making coffee the old fashioned way when you can carry a small aeropress or French press that makes your morning joe quickly and efficiently?
  3. Or, instead of taking the extra steps, you can just eat your coffee! Leave room for extra food for backpacking and stash away a Eat Your Coffee Bar or two in with your natural energy bars and other various food for backpacking, and keep on moving.

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