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DIY: Iron Pipe Coffee Pour Over

Hipster Cafes don’t have to be the only place where you see awesome coffee paraphernalia. This DIY Pour Over is extremely easy, cheap, and pretty swaggin’. Make yourself look extremely skilled and macgyver-like. And don’t break the bank -- this awesome DIY Pour Over costs less than $15!

What you'll need:

DIY iron pipe pourover supplies

  • Some pipes ($6)
  • ¾ in. iron floor flange (and screws)
  • ¾ in. large iron pipe
  • ¾ in. small iron pipe
  • ¾ in. iron elbow connector
  • ¾ in. tee connector
  • A piece of wood ($0)
  • Glass Funnel ($7.99)

What you might want (but actually really need):

  • Organic Cotton Coffee Reusable Filter ($8.20)
  • Or you can opt for the non-earth friendly paper option...your choice.
  • Fancy looking kettle ($39.99)
  • Got mine from an HMart store for $14.99
  • Cool-looking mug - Got mine from Gregory's Coffee in New York City!

Then just put it all together. Boom, you got yourself an awesome pour over coffee made with iron pipes. Share your own DIY Iron Pipe Coffee Pour Over creation with Eat Your Coffee on Facebook!

Want to skip the project and get straight to the coffee?

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