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Foods that Naturally Contain Caffeine

Coffee isn’t the only way to get your midday energy boost. Did you know that some of the simple foods you eat every day contain caffeine? When you’re looking to get your daily dose the natural way, try reaching for some of these snacks!


chocolate with caffeineCocoa beans are naturally caffeinated and the general rule of thumb is the darker the chocolate, the higher the caffeine amount. One ounce of dark chocolate serves up about 25 mg of caffeine, but the same amount of milk chocolate only contains about 10 mg.

Ice Cream

coffee icecreamNewsflash: most coffee-flavored ice cream actually does contain caffeine! Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, for example, features 40 mg of caffeine per serving. That’s about the same amount of caffeine found in a soda like Dr. Pepper or Pepsi.


caffeinated cerealDon’t even bother pouring yourself a cup of coffee (just kidding, we can't live without ours) - odds are your cereal is hiding some caffeine. A bowl of Quaker Cocoa Blasts will give you about 20 mg of caffeine, which is a little less than a cup of tea.


caffeinated kombuchaKombucha is a #trendy drink made by fermenting tea, sugar, and yeast in a bottle. It has a strong vinegar flavor and potential health benefits, but some brands of kombucha also contain caffeine. A black tea kombucha drink might offer somewhere between 15-20 mg, about the same as a root beer.

Eat Your Coffee Caffeinated Energy Bars

healthy energy barsMade with whole ingredients like oats, dates, and nut butters, Eat Your Coffee snack bars will give you a natural mid-afternoon energy boost. Featuring antioxidant-rich, fair-trade coffee, our caffeinated energy bites and bars are the tastiest snack on this list (we might be a little biased).


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