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Life Hacks for Coffee Lovers

If drinking (or eating, in our case) coffee is a part of your daily routine, then today’s your lucky day. We all know that coffee is a great way to give you energy fast, but there’s so much more to this daily ritual. It turns out coffee can do so much more than energize your morning or help you stay awake in class. The next time you need some coffee related inspiration, turn to one of these life hacks!

  • Coffee Popsicles

  • Coffee Popsicles
    Photo Source: The Flavor Bender

    Okay, so you’ve probably already heard of turning your leftover coffee into coffee ice cubes to help keep your iced coffee, well, iced. (And if not, you’re welcome!). We think that’s a cool (sorry) idea but if you really want to step up your game, try making some delicious coffee popsicles. As fans of “coffee food”, we think these are the perfect treat for the upcoming summer months. 

  • DIY Coffee Syrups

  • DIY Coffee Syrup
    Photo Source: How Sweet Eats

    Never pay big bucks for Starbucks again. If you have a sweet tooth but want to save a few dollars, try making your own flavored coffee syrups. These syrups are a fun way to mix up your morning coffee routine without breaking the bank.

  • Coffee too Acidic?

  • Salt in coffee
    Photo Source: Alton Brown

    If you struggle with acid reflux or you simply brewed a bitter cup of coffee by accident, don’t worry. You can reduce the acid in coffee by adding a pinch of salt to take off the edge. Alton Brown - one of The Food Network’s food scientists, actually always adds a little salt to help smooth out the taste and neutralize the bitterness of his coffee.

  • Get rid of caffeine jitters

  • Oranges for caffeine jitters

    So, maybe you shouldn’t have drank that 4th cup of coffee. If you’ve got the caffeine jitters and are having trouble shaking them, try loading up on vitamin C. Excess caffeine can cause temporary caffeine deficiency so to restore your body’s natural levels, try snacking on an orange. Not to mention, citrus fruits are a delicious and low calorie, healthy snack.

  • Keep your coffee beans fresh

  • Mason Jar with Coffee Beans

    It’s hard to stay energized if your coffee beans are stale. Upgrade your coffee storage by keeping your coffee beans in a mason jar. This will keep everything airtight, AND add a nice ~aesthetic~ touch to your kitchen.

  • Upcycle your used Keurig pods

  • Recycle K Cups
  • Photo Source: Fresh Eggs Daily
  • Trying to be more eco-friendly but still love the ease and convenience that your Keurig offers you? Try saving and upcycling your used pods as seed starters. Additionally, a sprinkling of coffee grounds can actually be pretty beneficial to your garden, so save those too. This makes for a win-win, and hopefully, less people wondering if they should eat their leftover coffee grounds.

  • Why don’t you just Eat Your Coffee?

    Eat Your Coffee Energy Bars

    No coffee life hack list is complete without Eat Your Coffee Bars. Whether you’re looking for a convenient two in one coffee/breakfast combo, the perfect post-workout snack, or simply a tasty, good for you energy bar, look no further. With our Coffee Bars and Bites, you can drink your coffee and eat it too! We think that’s a pretty cool life hack.

  • Want to try eating your coffee?



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