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Recycling Your Coffee Cup

You can’t recycle your paper coffee cup. True or false?

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We love coffee. Did you know that Americans alone consume 400 million cups of coffee a day? That’s a lot of coffee. We’re talking about 4,630 cups being drunk every second.

That’s crazy. Do you know what's even crazier?

We can’t recycle those paper cups.

This means hundreds of millions of paper cups are being thrown out every year.

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Because of the way coffee cups are made, even though they are paper, they cannot be recycled. They are lined with a plastic sticky coating that is rendered too difficult to remove by almost all recycling factories.

Even worse, if you throw your paper cup in the recycling bag, it can defile the entire batch because recycling plants will choose to incinerate full bags of paper waste if there are just a few non-recyclable cups.

Starbucks had tried to make all of their cups recyclable by 2015 but it’s now 2016. They do have a measure that takes 10% off your purchase if you bring in your own cup and have recently released another reusable cup that can eventually be recycled, but there are still no recyclable paper cups.

While these efforts are actively working towards sustainability, we can be doing more. Many coffee shops, including Starbucks, have ceramic mugs that you can sip from if you’re planning on sitting in the store.

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If you’re a person that buys coffee everyday, bringing your own tumbler makes a HUGE difference.

And if you forget your tumbler or are in a rush, keep an extra Eat Your Coffee Bar in your bag for the quick pick-me-up you need in your day!

Let’s keep our world as green as we possibly can.

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