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Ten Surprising Facts about Coffee

Do you think you know everything there is to know about coffee? We bet we can prove you wrong!

1. Discovered by Goats

We begin our list of surprising facts about coffee by mentioning some dope goats. Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi first discovered the effects of coffee when he noticed that his goats began to “dance” after ingesting coffee berries.

feeding a goat

2. Fruit

Coffee berries? Yes, you read that correctly above. Coffee actually comes from a fruit. Coffee beans are technically the pits of a cherry-like berry. Is coffee good for you, then? Well, it comes from a fruit, so we say yes!

spilt coffee beans

3. Warmer with Cream

Coffee actually stays warmer when you add cream. Believe it or not, coffee with cream added cools 20% slower than black coffee.

coffee with cream

4. Chewed, Not Sipped

One extremely interesting fact to add to our list of surprising facts about coffee is that coffee was originally chewed, not sipped. The first African tribes who consumed coffee actually ground the berries up, added animal fat and rolled their caffeinated inventions into little energy balls. Not sure about you, but we’d rather have an Eat Your Coffee Bar than a rolled up ball of lard and grinds…

Eat Your Coffee caffeinated snack bars

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5. Health Benefits

Is coffee good for you, you may ask? Well, studies show that coffee drinkers are more likely to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease and caffeine has positive effects on Parkinson’s Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, as well as protect against skin cancer in women.

runner silhouette in the sunset

6. Moderation

While coffee is good for you, it is only good in moderation. You can, in fact, overdose on coffee if you ingest over 100 cups in one day, which would surpass the lethal dose of caffeine.

espresso in a coffee mug

7. Caffeine Levels

Caffeine levels in coffee can vary by the roast! Contrary to popular belief, this is actually not because caffeine is being burnt off during the roasting process (caffeine is actually very stable throughout!), but because of the amount of moisture that will stay in a light roast bean vs. a dark roast bean. So if you measure the coffee by scoops, the light roast will have more caffeine since the beans are denser than dark roast beans. However, if you weigh out your scoops, a dark roast will have more caffeine because there is less mass!

coffee beans around a coffee mug

8. Beethoven 

Beethoven was a coffee snob. Beethoven enjoyed a cup of coffee every day with breakfast and supposedly prepared each cup with only 60 beans.

Ludwig van Beethoven statue

9. New York City Loves Coffee

New Yorkers drink 7 times more coffee than any other city in the US. Whoa.

New York City skyline

10. All Mocha is Not the Same

The last thing to note in our list of coffee facts is that mocha is more than just the delicious flavor of our Eat Your Coffee Bar. The city of Mocha in Yemen was actually the first port to send coffee beans across the world and the beans had a slight chocolate flavor to them, hence the creation of the delicious drink.

mocha coffee latte art

We hope you found these surprising facts about coffee interesting. If you're now craving caffeine and still wondering if coffee good is for you, don’t worry, because our Eat Your Coffee Coffee Bar is caffeinated and healthy! Use code “COOLCOFFEE” at checkout to receive 10% off any order of our Eat Your Coffee Bars!



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