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Top 10 Most Hipster Coffee Shops in America

Quintessentially, coffee shops have been a great place for meeting up with others while grabbing a pick-me-up. The hippest local café breeds creative types, artists, and even techies, the code for Foursquare was primarily written in one! Although coffee shops bring people in from all walks of life, there is one group that gravitates to them the most… and they are the hipsters. They are strongly opinionated, particular, and even pretentious, but if a hipster recommends a coffee shop to you, chances are it’s legit. After some careful research and reaching out to a couple friends who are basically a living, breathing version of the coolest Tumblr you’ve ever seen, we’ve put together a list of the most hipster coffee shops around the country.

1. Brooklyn, New York

Little Skip’s brooklyn new york coffee shop

Let’s start off with the unofficial birthplace of hipsterdom: Brooklyn. This place is a personal fave with its art clad walls and café bon bons (espresso with sweetened condensed milk). It’s so hip even the tables are art, adorned with vintage clippings and sparkly pinup girls.

2. Boston, Massachusetts: Gracenote

Grace note Coffee boston massTucked away in true “secret spot”, a little place you probably haven’t heard of and they have of the best coffee in town. Gracenote doesn’t try to distract you with ornate decorations or an open mic buzzing in the background. This shop is strictly about the coffee. Gracenote is so minimalistic the only table in the tiny space is a section of tree trunk basically floating in the air by the windows.

3. Miami, Florida: Panther Coffee

Panther Coffee barista miami florida

What was the best part of Miami Music Week? If you ask a coffee aficionado they will most likely say it was their latte from Panther Coffee. Located in the Wynwood area, which is full of urban art, this place’s coffee will have you feeling energized and ready to attack the day.

4. Chicago, Illinois: The Wormhole Café

Wormhole Café chicago illinoisHipster buzzword “vintage” is written all over this place. You can find trinkets from another time all over the place, like old-fashioned lunch pails and figurines; they even have a life-sized Delorean inside the café!

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5. Salt Lake City, Utah: Publik Coffee Roasters

Publik Coffee Roasters salt lake city utahTrendy and aesthetically pleasing, this coffee shop is spacious with an open layout, which makes it a great place to hang and sip a cup of joe. Their top level is open for prime people watching. Featuring reclaimed materials and topped with solar panels, this is industrial chic shop is a hipster haven. Oh, and the coffee they roast in-house is pretty good too.

6. Denver, Colorado: The Denver Bicycle Café

Denver Bicycle Café denver coloradoWhat’s more hipster than riding a fixed-gear bike? Sipping a hand-brewed French pressed coffee while getting your bike fixed just might be. This place does double duty as a café and bike shop, how sustainable.

7. Los Angeles, California: Andante

Andante los angeles california

This coffee shop is so hipster I’m pretty sure they don’t even have their own website. They also serve their beverages in mason jars. Allegedly, they have the best almond milk cappuccino in town, made from beans they roast right in the shop.

8. San Francisco, California: Stanza

Stanza san francisco californiaThis is one of the smoothest & creamiest coffees I’ve had in a while. Taking a sip of a beverage from Stanza is like wrapping yourself in a rich velvet blanket. They have their brewing down to a science; their drip apparatus looks more like something you would find in a chemistry lab than a coffee maker.

9. Portland, Oregon: Heart Coffee Roasters

Heart Coffee Roasters portland oregon

Heart won’t let their customers even come near their beans until they have been roasted to the ideal degree and then cupped in their lab. They’re serious about educating others about coffee brewing and offer classes so go on and embrace your inner hipster by attending a cupping clinic.

10. Seattle, Washington: Porchlight Coffee & Records

Porchlight Coffee and Records seattle washington

Not only do they sell vinyl but they also sell used vinyl. Stop by Porchlight to stay caffeinated with a growler of cold brew. Their coffee is single sourced from Ethiopia, obviously… now that’ll make your handle bar mustache twirl.

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