Our Halloween sale is ending, but the Halloween recipes keep coming. Be sure to grab your Eat Your Coffee Bars to make these caffeinated cookie monsters! They're no-bake, only take 10 minutes, and are sure to keep you and your guests awake and having a spooktacular time!

caffeinated coffee monsters - eat your coffee healthy snack barscaffeinated coffee monsters

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Serving: 1 bar ~ 4 monsters


  • Eat Your Coffee Bars (your favorite flavor)
  • Chocolate chips (your favorite kind)
  • One mixing bowl
  • Crushed walnuts
  • Candy eyes (find at most major grocery stores)


  1. Cut each Eat Your Coffee Bar (EYC) into fourths
  2. Roll each fourth into a ball
  3. Melt chocolate in small bowl - microwave for 30 seconds increments until melted
  4. Roll each EYC ball in the melted chocolate until it's covered with chocolate - set aside to cool for 1 minute
  5. Roll EYC ball in chopped walnuts - leave a bit of space for the monster eyeball
  6. Press eyeball into EYC ball
  7. Place mocha monsters on a cookie sheet or plate and put in refridgerator until serving
  8. Serve and energize the party!
We promise, you'll be everyone's favorite party guest or the hostess with the mostess!