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Caffeinated Cookie Monsters

Our Halloween sale is ending, but the Halloween recipes keep coming. Be sure to grab your Eat Your Coffee Bars to make these caffeinated cookie monsters! They're no-bake, only take 10 minutes, and are sure to keep you and your guests awake and having a spooktacular time!

caffeinated coffee monsters - eat your coffee healthy snack barscaffeinated coffee monsters


Serving: 1 bar ~ 4 monsters


  • Eat Your Coffee Bars (your favorite flavor)
  • Chocolate chips (your favorite kind)
  • One mixing bowl
  • Crushed walnuts
  • Candy eyes (find at most major grocery stores)


  1. Cut each Eat Your Coffee Bar (EYC) into fourths
  2. Roll each fourth into a ball
  3. Melt chocolate in small bowl - microwave for 30 seconds increments until melted
  4. Roll each EYC ball in the melted chocolate until it's covered with chocolate - set aside to cool for 1 minute
  5. Roll EYC ball in chopped walnuts - leave a bit of space for the monster eyeball
  6. Press eyeball into EYC ball
  7. Place mocha monsters on a cookie sheet or plate and put in refridgerator until serving
  8. Serve and energize the party!
We promise, you'll be everyone's favorite party guest or the hostess with the mostess!


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