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Keto Almond Butter

You might be wondering - Is almond butter keto? All Eat Your Coffee Almond Butter is 100% keto. It’s low in net carbs and high in fat and delicious flavors.

Keto Energy Bars

Once you try our caffeinated keto nut butters, your mind will be full off keto snack ideas. From keto protein smoothies to keto breakfast, you’re covered with our caffeinated keto snacks to kick off your morning.

Keto Coffee

Love your morning coffee but looking for an edible keto energy solution? Eat Your Coffee Keto Snacks are the perfect keto snack staple - especially when you’re on-the-go.

Keto Energy

One of the best perks about the keto diet is the energy you get from it. With Eat Your Coffee Keto Caffeine Bars, you’ll be sure to have the energy to keep you moving all day long. Similar to keto protein bars and keto friendly peanut butter, all our keto treats taste delicious.

Keto Snacks To Buy

On a Friends plan, all our keto snacks are free shipping and perfect for your keto shopping list. Delivered to your door for free! The keto diet has never tasted so good.

Vegan Keto Snacks

If you’re worried about a keto breakfast with no eggs, or are on a vegan keto diet - don’t worry! Our snacks are all vegan, and contain no meat or eggs.

Resources to help you start your keto diet or get keto friendly snack and keto breakfast ideas:

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