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Healthy Snacks for College Students

Food is undoubtedly one of the pillars of good health, and ignoring not just the amount of food you eat, but the quality, can affect you both physically and mentally. Indeed, the Society of Neuroscience confirms that food has a direct effect on how the brain functions, as what you have for breakfast can affect your thoughts and performance throughout the day. Eating junk food all the time can take away from your capacity to think clearly and critically, making certain tasks just a little bit harder.

This is especially crucial for college students, for whom there always seems to be something to work on. College students’ eating habits aren’t the best, as not only do they have to contend with the pressure of higher education, but it is also likely their first time to be away from their families and tasked to fend for themselves in dorms across the country. But the benefits of healthy food extend even further to students who stay at home, as technology has enabled more and more students to earn their degree online. And the numbers don't lie — Maryville University reports that the number of students taking online courses is at an all-time high at 33.5%. As students opt out of traditional college classrooms, dorms, and dining halls, different challenges in terms of good nutrition will also arise. Online college students need extra care because they spend more time sitting in front of their laptops compared to a traditional student. 

So whatever kind of learner you may be, it’s best to ditch the afternoon chips and midnight ice cream. Eating healthy isn’t as complicated as your next exam. It’s really all about making small changes to your diet, choosing the right things at the grocery store, and exercising willpower. 

Here's our handpicked list of healthy snacks for college students:

Trail mix

Trail Mix
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Trail mix is the first in our list of ‘Your Most Reliable Hiking Snacks’, and for good reason. It has healthy ingredients that can make you feel full after just a few bites, but try to avoid ones with chocolate in them.

Baby Carrots

Baby Carrots

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Carrying around baby carrots in a pouch is not as weird as it sounds. They are full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which will help keep those stress breakouts at bay.

Eat Your Coffee Bars

Fudgy Mocha Latte

Foods with caffeine are increasing in popularity as a healthy alternative to coffee. If you’re always wondering how to stay awake in class, then keep a coffee bar in your pocket at all times. They’re also convenient energy bites that can push you through nights spent studying.

Want to try some?

Frozen grapes

Frozen Grapes

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Frozen grapes are delicious, fun to eat, and can pass off as healthy ice cream. Grab a handful of these instead of candy when you’re craving sweets.


Healthy Snacks for College Students

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Simple, reliable, and versatile — toast should be your new best friend. Just heat some bread and slap on some cottage cheese. It’s much better than wolfing down instant ramen.

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