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Nosh an Eat Your Coffee Bar Pre-Workout and See Results

What do you usually snack on before your workout?

I’m guessing you grab a quick natural energy bar or a banana with peanut butter. But let’s face it, these snacks get old after about a week… am I right?

Well, you wandered to the right blog because I have some great tips to share and the best-kept secret of the snacking world. We’re keeping it real and (of course) only talking about a natural energy option for your best pre-workout snack!

Believe it or not, consuming caffeine before a workout has been a recent trend amongst athletes and bodybuilders. Many people are turning to caffeine supplements before their workout. It’s supposedly the best pre-workout habit as caffeine helps preserve your muscles, improve memory and boost your circulation!

According to a recent study, consuming moderate amounts of caffeine during or just prior to a workout has also shown to improve endurance and performance during workouts. There’s nothing like natural energy! If you’re thinking of trying it out with CoffeeBar, it’s best to eat coffee within an hour of your workout, as caffeine usually takes 30 minutes to kick in.

Not only can caffeine improve your performance, but it can actually lead to a more enjoyable workout and cause you to eat less! A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology states that participants who consumed a cup of coffee just 90 minutes before their workout reported the exercise to be easier than the other participants. It only makes sense that a little natural energy is all it takes to feel better about a workout.

Not only will your workout be easier with some caffeine in your system, but you’ll be less inclined to eat a lot throughout the day. Those who consume coffee pre-workout reported eating about 72 calories less than those who did not. 72 calories.

Ready to try the trend at home? It’s totally your choice, but we think we’d rather eat coffee on the way to the gym than pop a caffeine pill or bring a to-go mug every morning. Fill up on natural energy with CoffeeBar before your workout! The natural energy from the caffeine will help get you moving and the healthy ingredients will keep you full throughout the morning!

We hope these facts left you inspired to go work out and we encourage you to try consuming caffeine before you do! If you’d prefer to eat coffee, and not drink it, definitely try what we believe are the best pre workout bars. Happy exercising and be sure to let us know about your experience. Is coffee really the best pre-workout snack?



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