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Nut Butter 101

Ever wondered which butter is better? When it comes to nut butter, everyone has their favorite: the loyal peanut butter groupies, the sunflower seed gang -- the list goes on. We decided to take a look at the most popular nut butter on the market to see which one speaks our language.

Peanut Butter Health Benefits

Peanut Butter

The OG nut butter, this stuff is pairs with nearly everything -- sweet or savory. Peanut butter is a great source of protein, plus it keeps you full so you can rock the day without extra snacking. For the healthiest option, pick a jar without added sugar.

Almond Butter Health Benefits

Almond Butter

Say hello to peanut butter’s loyal (but slightly less popular) sidekick. Almond butter can be used in mostly the same ways, but it has a more mild flavor and added fiber and vitamin E. With seven times more calcium than most nut butter, almond butter is great for your bones, too!

Cashew Butter Health Benefits

Cashew Butter

Cashew butter has a thicker texture than most nut butter, but it’s great in savory dishes. This stuff has zinc and biotin, which supports healthy hair and nails, and it’s lower in fat than the other butters on this list. Look for the kind with two ingredients: cashews and salt.

Sunflower Seed Health Benefiits

Sunflower Seed Butter

Although technically not a nut butter, this butter is an excellent source of minerals like magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and selenium, sunflower seed butter is the best option for people with allergies. Though it has a thinner consistency than most nut butter, it also has less fat and is better for your cholesterol.

Walnut Butter Health Benefits

Walnut Butter

Walnut butter is less of a butter and more of a paste (and it requires refrigeration!). It is, however, a great source of omega-3 - which can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Macadamia Nut Butter Health Benefits

Macadamia Butter

One of the more obscure nut butter, but also one of the tastiest. If you've ever had a macadamia nut, you know what I'm talking about. They are naturally buttery in flavor so they make for an extra delicious nut butter. Plus, they low in sugar and can be a good option for those with diabetes. 

 Caffeinated Nut Butter

Caffeinated Nut Butter

If you’re looking for a great nut butter snack that’ll keep you full, caffeinated, and in ketosis, try our new Caffeinated Nut Butters! Made with whole ingredients like organic coffee, protein-packed almonds, and keto-friendly coconut. Plus, there’s a full shot of espresso in each pouch to boost your performance and keep you focused, all day long.  

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