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The 10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

Are you a hiking enthusiast that likes to hike to the limits? Maybe you’d just like to watch the amazing pictures while letting others take the risks instead.

If you look around in the world, it’s completely filled with incredible views that we find absolutely stunning. Quite often, we are drawn to these places and hope that there’s a hiking trail for us to get there. However, sometimes that trial can be quite dangerous.

Spectacular Views In Dangerous Places

The two are often linked together: spectacular views and dangerous places. Lots of hiking enthusiasts go to remote locations, rough terrain and overcome major challenges. To get there sometimes takes a lot of courage to face the dangerous man-made hiking trails. These trails are not meant for the beginner hiker and definitely not for those for the feint of heart.

The dangers that we’re speaking of are:

  • Wooden planks suspended thousands of feet in the air
  • Chains hanging from the side of a cliff
  • Narrow steps the width of one foot width
  • Bridges that swing while crossing
  • Wooden Ladders that are miles high with squeaky nails
  • Locations that are filled with dangerous wildlife

With those in mind, take a look at these trails!

The 10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

1. Angel’s Landing, Utah

angels landing utah

Why So Dangerous: This is a short hike that attracts a lot of people. The number of hikers can lead to traffic jams at the upper point. The route starts with a narrow sandstone ridge with steep drop-offs. During the final ascent is a steep stone staircase. The path is just wide enough for one person. If a hiker decides to pass, they’ll be scurried over the edge. Be careful when passing! The National Park Service states that at least 5 people have fallen to their death but it doesn’t include the number of people who have fallen and have been rescued.

2. Mount Pinatubo, Philippines

Mount Pinatubo, Philippines

Why So Dangerous: More than 72 people fell victim to this hike up Mount Pinatubo’s crater lake. The last eruption was second largest recorded this century planting 15 million tons of sulfur gas onto the mountain. The hike is quite easy but the dangerous part is the volcano’s tendency to blow up again.

3. El Caminito del Rey, Spain

El Caminito del Rey, Spain

Why So Dangerous: The two mile trail is built on a steel path over 100 years ago. The trail was originally constructed for works to maintain a hydroelectric plant. However, over time it opened up to the public to become one of the go to dangerous hiking trails for hiking enthusiasts.

4. Mount Hua Shan, China

Mount Hua Shan, China

Photo: Ondrej Zvacek

Why So Dangerous: As history has reported, this mountain is home to pilgrims who climb to the temples at the summit. The trek contains vertical stairways, plank trails, and iron chains. Considered one of the most dangerous hikes in the world and at one point, the planks disappear and hikers must use small divots carved into the rocks to keep going.

5. Via Ferrata, Italy and Austria

Via Ferrata, Italy and Austria

Why So Dangerous: Via Ferrata (Italian for “iron way”) was scaled originally by the Europeans in the 15th century. The ladders and route was used back in World War 1 by troops. The hiking trail is well maintained with cables, ropes, wooden walkways, and suspension bridges. Your life depends on safety hinges snapping into a specialized carabiner setup (called a ferrata set). The dangerous parts of the hike include the rock faces and the tall ledges that you have to scale to complete the hike.

6. The Maze, Canyonlands, Utah

The Maze, Canyonlands, Utah
Photo: Indigoprime/Flickr

Why So Dangerous: Located in the Canyonlands National Park and receives around 2,000 visitors per year. The red rock labyrinth known as the Maze is full of dead ends. It’s very prone to flash floods and dangerous rockfalls. The danger can not be over emphasized and visitors must use extreme caution, communication and extreme caution.

7. Bright Angel Trail, Arizona 

Bright Angel Trail, Arizona
Photo: sierradescents

Why So Dangerous: This trail is not easy as many hikers think. The temperatures can reach 20 degrees hotter in the canyon than at the rim. They don’t bring enough water, fail to rest enough and start too late in the day. In addition, there have been so many injuries and near deaths that the National Park Service created a crew to help distressed hikers with heat stroke. The hike usually reaches temperatures of 110 degrees.

8. GR 20, Corsica

GR 20, Corsica

Why So Dangerous: The GR20 is the longest trail which runs north to south in Corsica. It’s one of the most beautiful hiking trails but also one of the most dangerous. There are many ridges, ascents, and demanding decent. The Cirque de Solitude can be extremely dangerous when the weather is rough. Thunderstorms come in quick and fast in the summer and in winter.

9. Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa
Photo: PhilippN

Why So Dangerous: The starting point of this trail is highly dangerous. There are two chain ladders where hikers scramble to get up. Once they’re up there are animal tracks, herding trails and rock scrambles. The view about the rock cliff view is incredible.

10. Cascade Saddle, New Zealand

Cascade Saddle, New Zealand
Photo: EliDuke/Flickr

Why So Dangerous: This hike might be famous for the Lord Of The Rings, however, it’s extremely dangerous. The views are amazing, however, there are many slippery rocks from the falls. The hike is through alpine meadows and beech forests.

Bonus: Kalalau, Hawaii

Why So Dangerous: This hiking trail is situated between jungle, volcanic slopes and major stream crossings. There are other dangerous elements including falling rocks, and landslides. There have been many accidents on these trails before including more than 100 fatalities.

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