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Best Low Calorie Snacks

One of the hardest parts of any diet plan is deciding what to have for a snack. When hunger hits, the best low calorie snacks should leave you energized and satisfied without consuming a lot of non-essential calories.

The key to losing or maintaining weight is to allow yourself healthy indulgences, so you do not feel deprived. By preparing nutritious, low-calorie snacks, you will feel good about yourself and still be able to eat delicious, satisfying treats. What’s even better is that even non-dieting family members will enjoy the snacks too!

So, what are the best low-calorie snacks that provide essential nutrients?

Snack bars are a great way to keep calories down. Bars that incorporate peanut butter and nuts not only provide protein but also help you to stay full longer, and are an excellent choice. Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fat and protein which is highly satiating and provides an energy boost. It keeps your blood sugar stable, so it prevents those mid-day crashes.

Food bars that contain nuts are also a wise choice. Most nuts contain protein and unsaturated fatty acids which help to lower cholesterol.

To help you through the mid-day slump, energy bars are an excellent option. Energy bars are portable and come packed with the essential nutrients needed to help you get through the day and especially that mid-day slump. Our energy bars are low in calories, provide essential nutrients, and are naturally caffeinated to provide an extra boost of energy.

Eat Your Coffee bars are made with high-quality ingredients such as peanut butter, nuts, oats, dates, and coffee. With the help of our caffeinated bars, you are guaranteed to get the best low-calorie snacks, and you will soon be on your way to feeling energized.

Eat Your Coffee is the ultimate place to find naturally-caffeinated snacks with real, ethically-sourced ingredients.



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