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Coffee Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is notoriously hard to shop for - I mean, how many candles and bath bombs can one person use? This year, instead of a spa gift card, give your mom what she really wants: caffeine to make it through her busy days. Here are some of our top Mother’s Day picks for the mom who just can’t get enough coffee. We're all about coffee gifts here. 

Mother’s Day Coffee Mug

Mothers Day Coffee Mug

In the words of Drake, “I only love my bed and my mama, I’m sorry.” We don’t think there’s anything to be sorry for. Your mom will love this mug because it shows your love for her and she can fill it with anything she wants - we’re thinking coffee in the AM and wine in the PM. You go, Mom.


Thanks A Latte Spoon Mothers Day Gift

Is there anything cuter than a coffee spoon? Didn’t think so. This definitely tops our list of cute coffee gifts (yep, we have a list). Whether she uses it for her morning cup of joe or keeps it as a keepsake, we know your mom will adore this hand-stamped gift from the heart.


Coffee Candle Coffee GIFT DIY

Maybe you can’t find some extra money to spend on Mom this year. That’s okay, because this DIY Coffee Candle is easy to make in the comfort of your own home. Gather some used coffee grounds and old candle remnants and she’ll have no idea you made it yourself (unless you decide to spill the beans).


Coffee Gift - Dark Chocolate Toffee Coffee

For the mama with a sweet tooth! These little morsels of goodness combine toffee with French-roast coffee, all covered in a layer of rich dark chocolate. Just make sure to give them to your mom before you open the box, because these won’t last long.

But First Coffee Sign Gift Mothers Day

Let your mom express her love for coffee with this handmade hanging sign that features five hooks for storing her favorite mugs. If your mother is a vino, too, you might want to opt for this sign instead.


Mothers Day Coffee Gift
Have you ever heard your mom complain about her coffee being too darn hot? These little stainless steel beans are meant to absorb heat when your coffee is piping and release it once your drink cools down. Sounds pretty cool to us.
Caffeinated Snack Bars Coffee Gifts

 Perfect for the mom on-the-go, our energy bars are caffeinated with a whole cup of organic coffee and real ingredients like dates, nut butter, and oats. They’re super easy to throw in a purse or keep in the car so Mom can conquer the 3PM slump and crush the rest of her day. Plus, they’re low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with protein to keep her full.

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