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Whole Food Coffee Bar

When you need an extra burst of energy, a bar made from real coffee beans can provide the extra energy needed for you to make it through the day and if you manage to find a bar that is made from whole foods, that is even better!

In a perfect world, we would all eat unprocessed, freshly prepared foods to snack on. But this is not a perfect world, so the next best thing is to find an energy bar made from delicious whole foods. Eat Your Coffee has come up with a whole food coffee bar that contains about 100 mg of caffeine derived from real coffee beans. Adding in ingredients from whole foods turns a simple energy bar into a nutrient-dense whole food coffee bar everyone can enjoy.

A whole food coffee bar is great for as a pre-workout bar to provide extra energy to sustain you through your workout. Since it is packed with wholesome ingredients, it also contains the necessary nutrients your body needs for the day.

Our coffee bars are not high in fat or sugar. Sugar is digested quickly by your body which can cause you to hit a wall when it is depleted. You will not find high fructose corn syrup hidden in the ingredients list in any of our bars. They are made with natural ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our bars are packed full, with protein and fiber. They are a crucial component to feeling full while eating less and help to curb your appetite.

Best of all, our bars are tasty, and a tasty whole food coffee bar will have you coming back for more.

Do not delay. Visit our store locator page today to get your whole food coffee bar for a quick and tasty pick-me-up.



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