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Foods You Didn’t Know Were Caffeinated

It’s no secret that we’re big caffeine fans here at Eat Your Coffee. Honestly, what else would you expect from the people behind a company that sells caffeinated snack bars? Whether we’re craving an early morning kick or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, caffeine is our best bud.

If you’re as Team Caffeine as we are, you likely can’t get through the day without a cup of joe or one of our naturally-caffeinated snack bars

However, caffeine has found a hiding place in some fairly surprising foods and products, and we're here to uncover some of those. 

Foods that have caffeine

  • Fancy water brands like Vitamin Water or Avitae - 90mg
  • Headache medication  - 65mg
  • Chocolate - 31mg
  • Ice cream - 30mg
  • Protein bars - 14mg
  • Decaffeinated coffee - 12mg
  • Cereal - 11mg
  • Hot chocolate - 9mg
  • Chocolate chip cookies - 4.4mg
  • Pudding - 4mg
  • Mints - 1mg
For some context, a typical cup of coffee is going to run you anywhere from 75-150mg of caffeine. That changes once you get up to grande and venti sizes and red-eyes we all guzzle down from time to time. As for us at Eat Your Coffee, we get you a smooth 80mg of natural caffeine from real, fair trade coffee. Enough to keep you energized to do more without the jitters.

Want to try some?

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