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Look... we know eating your coffee is not the most traditional way to consume coffee, so what better way to embrace that than bring it to a whole new level with some unique and tasty coffee snacks! We've tried just about everything with these bars, and here are some of our top contenders for the best way to eat your Eat Your Coffee Bars (yes, that is how you'd say that).

1. Trail Mix

Trail mix really doesn't get enough credit. We think of it as one of the most perfect snacks for a few reasons. First, it takes two seconds to make. Second, you can make it exactly how you want to. Third, it is snackable and packable and great for on-the-go. We could go on, but we'll spare you. We've tested out just about every way to make trail mix with our bars. Cut them up into little squares, and they add the perfect texture to your mix of nuts, granola, chocolate, or whatever you want to add to your mix. You really haven't lived until you've added some Dang toasted coconut chips into the mix too.


2. Bananas and Peanut Butter

This one is a classic. It seems like this combo is either a love or hate thing for some people, but we love this one with our entire, energized hearts.


3. Top off your ice cream

With so many tasty ice cream options available these days, it's hard to imagine there's a better way to eat your ice cream. Because our bars are date-based, they are still pliable when cold. That means if you chop a bar up and toss it in, it won't get too hard! It will keep it's sweet, chewy texture inside of your cold, creamy confections.


4. Bake it into something

This might seem like a stretch, but that's never stopped us. Believe it or not, Eat Your Coffee bars hold their weight when baked in to just about anything. Trust us, we've put them to the test. One of our favorite experiments was these Fudgy Mocha Brownies. You can't go wrong with some caffeine chocolate goodness.


5. Balls, balls, balls.

We have no shame in playing with our food. That's why we've rolled up our bars into so many balls we can't even count. One of our favorite ways to ball out, is to chop up some nuts, roll 'em up, and press them into some tasty granola. This one is full of endless possibilities. You’ll be ballin’ in no time.


6. Yogurt

For those of you looking to up your probiotic game (that's the cool thing now, right?), energize your yogurt with some Eat Your Coffee bites. We like ours in some sweet and tasty Coconut Noosa Yogurt or the classic Vanilla Siggi’s.


7. Muesli

Another contender that really doesn't get enough credit. Mix some Eat Your Coffee caffeinated snack bites into your favorite muesli and you'll go from muesli to Bruce Lee in no time... See what we did there?


8. Sandwich it up

Sandwiches don't have to be savory. Double up and make yourself a caffeinated nut-butter sammy. For those extra long days, getting that second cup of coffee goes a long way… it doesn't get much better than that.


9. Plain

Maybe this one was obvious, but we have to honor the original state of our creation. Sometimes, you just gotta keep things simple and satisfying.


10. As a base for literally anything

It's no coincidence that our bars are also shaped like delicious platforms and are seamlessly shape-able (ok, yeah... we know they are just rectangles, but let us live a little). We've turned our bars into pie crust, tiramisu layers, cheesecake and more. We have yet to be disappointed.


11. Oatmeal

Another classic with a twist. One thing to note about Eat Your Coffee Bars is that they are really delicious when mixed in with something warm. Since they all contain nut-butter, they get ooey-gooey and delicious when mixed in with some freshly-made oatmeal. Looking to amp up some overnight oats? Just wait ‘til you're ready to eat before tossing some Eat Your Coffee bites in.


12. Smoothie bowl

Not only are smoothie bowls one of the trendiest and most photogenic meals on the planet, but they are also full of endless possibilities. We like ours with a bit of cocoa and coconut. But honestly, this one's for you to get creative with.


13. Cookie dough

Another hot (or cold?) trend -- raw cookie dough. We came up with a super delicious vegan cookie dough recipe that will not disappoint. Eat Your Coffee Bars are just a tad firmer than cookie dough, which makes them all-stars at rolling up into the center of some cookie dough balls, or as a caffeinated mix-in to your dough... which brings us to our next one.


14. As a mix-in

If you haven't picked up on what we're throwin' down just yet, let us tell it straight. Eat Your Coffee Bars are a simple and tasty way to energize any of your favorite meals. Just keep it out of your lasagna... that’s weird.


15. With your coffee

Last but not least, here’s another way to double up on your energy. If you didn't know already, we love coffee. That's why we love to drink our coffee just as much as we love to eat it. Yep, you can eat your coffee and drink it too.



Have more ideas on how to eat your coffee? We'd love to see it.  Post your photo on Instagram and make sure to tag us @eatyourcoffee so we can see it!


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